People Issues Putting Business at a Standstill? How My Tough Love Can Help

People Issues Putting Business at a Standstill? How My Tough Love Can Help

Whether you run on EOS or not, it’s no secret that business success is often a direct result of having the right people in the right seats. As a business owner or leader, navigating the complexities of hiring, team dynamics, and performance management is important but overwhelming for just one person. While EOS has the tools that can help, it can be difficult to make sure you’re using them to their full potential when you don’t live and breathe it every day – like I do.

As an EOS implementer who believes in “tough love” – so much so that it is one of my 3 Uniques – I meet clients where they are and provide tailored accountability to help them progress at the pace that makes sense for their business. My approach involves holding businesses accountable for making the right hires, retaining the right people, and not letting them shy away from having the tough people conversations that will ultimately help their business.

Why Getting the Right People Matters

The fact of the matter is, not every person will be the right fit for your company. The longer you wait to address it, the more these people issues will negatively impact your business, such as:

  • Company Culture – Negativity and poor job performance can harm other people in the company.
  • Traction – Skill gaps lead to subpar work that stalls traction within your business.
  • Team Health – Employees who don’t feel unified to work towards the vision has a huge effect on company morale.

Though it may seem harsh, it’s more than likely you either currently have or have had in the past some wrong people in the wrong seats. People issues can be hard to discuss, as things can get taken personally – we are people, after all. With EOS tools and my tough love perspective, you’ll have an objective process on how to hire and retain the right people for your business.

How to Get the Right People

If you or someone on your leadership team begins to notice that an employee is struggling, it’s important to address the issue sooner rather than later. You can quickly use the EOS tool, the “People Analyzer” to objectively evaluate the employee(s). Some things to consider include:

  • Do they GWC – Get it, Want it, have the Capacity to do it? If not can they get there?
  • Do they align with your core values and goals of your business?
  • Do they have the same qualities as the best people on your team?

Feedback from other members of the leadership team can provide insight as well. Even though there are set rules for the results of the People Analyzer, I believe the right approach is rarely black and white.

It can start by having a candid conversation focused on mutual understanding rather than blame. Set clear expectations and provide support to help the employee improve. Often, the employee will either step up or choose to leave on their own. What’s important is that you stand true to your core values and put the health of your team and business first.

Remember, as my client, you can put a time on my office hours calendar to discuss a strategy, talking points, and get an outside perspective. You can count on me to stay accountable and give you support where you need it!

Solving the People Puzzle

Working through people issues requires patience and care. And unfortunately, as long as you work with people, it will be an ongoing process. By running on EOS, you will have a rock-solid process and handy tools on how to solve these issues. But when you run on EOS with me as your implementer, I will help you navigate these challenges with confidence, knowing that you have someone who will keep you accountable, meet you where you are, and ensure that progress never stops.

Be ready to handle any people issue that comes your way. Reach out to learn more about how we can work together!

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