Traction Tip: Core Focus

Last month we discussed “Delegating,” and this topic ties right in. Entrepreneurs often struggle with offloading decision-making to the rest of their team. Most likely, this isn’t an issue with their leaders or employees, but a problem that the entrepreneur must fix: No vision. Without a common, agreed-to vision that is shared by all, every decision must be run by the entrepreneur for approval.
You can help others be successful at making decisions in your stead by answering two questions together:
  • First, why are we doing this?
  • Second, what can we be the best at?
EOS® companies call this their Core Focus(TM). By discovering their purpose, cause, or passion, leadership teams can clearly articulate WHY they get out of bed and come into work every day. This is more than just to make money. This is about what difference they want to make in their world.
When a company defines their niche (what they can be the best at), teams can begin to say “No” to other opportunities that aren’t the best fit. This helps define the sweet spot for the business and provides a path for the development of their systems and processes. Answering the why and what draws a circle in the sand for your employees. They can now base their decisions on whether or not it falls into this circle.
Create your Core Focus with your leadership team. You will see others start making decisions with confidence. Want to discuss your vision more? I am here to help.

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