Turn On the Light!

I recently completed my 400th session as a professional EOS Implementer.

After 3,600 hours spent doing deep work with entrepreneurial teams, I left my last session with a revelation. Only now do I really understand why EOS adopted a lightbulb surrounded by the Six Key Components as our logo. There’s no better metaphor than a lightbulb to describe the effect an EOS implementation has on the people in a private business. “Turning on the light” perfectly describes the journey our clients undertake to create clarity in their business. With clarity, they create the alignment, buy-in, accountability and Traction to achieve their vision.

Here’s how the EOS Model and EOS Tools systematically create clarity:

Vision: Clarity from forging team alignment on exactly where we’re going and how we’ll get there. The Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) becomes the roadmap. Sharing the Vision allows everyone to understand how the work they work do contributes to reaching the Vision. This “lightbulb” shines a light on the road ahead, making it easier for everyone to keep their footing and stay on the path.

People: Clarity from agreement on our Core Values, behaviors, and culture. Clarity of structure, roles and where work gets done in every corner of the business. The Accountability Chart provides clarity on who is accountable for what.

Data: Clarity achieved through identifying, testing and tracking key metrics and measures. This clarity replaces emotion and subjective judgement and shines a light on a handful of activity-based results for the company, for functional teams and for individuals. Scorecards and Measureables unify teams around a sole source for truth and provide evidence of progress.

Issues: Clarity we gain from practicing how to Identify, Solve and Discuss issues (IDS™) for the long-term greater good. Most issues go unresolved or recur because we treat the symptoms and not the disease. Every business has issues, but companies running on EOS are “well lit” so they can see the root causes of their issues. They don’t let them linger because they have 20 tools in the EOS Toolbox™ to help solve them.

Process: Clarity from having a common definition and vocabulary for our Core Processes. Clarity from having everyone on the team participate in creating and following the major steps in our most important work flows. Shining a bright light on what a “good job” and “done” looks like every step of the way. Creating clarity on promises we make to customers about scope of work and clear standards. Clarity around a shared definition of “quality” that’s focused on consistently meeting the requirements of the process.

Traction: Clarity from installing the discipline of The Meeting Pulse™ , a cadence of accountability and connection. This is where the light shines brightest! Visit a company running on EOS and you will see teams of people at every level of organization gathering for Level 10 Meetings, Quarterly Planning and Annual Planning every week, every quarter and every year. They stay on the same page, aligned on “stuff we need to do” by compartmentalizing their Goals, Rocks, To-Do’s and Issues, coming together regularly to measure progress and solve problems. They live in a 90-Day World™ where the most important priorities – Rocks – are the center of activity. They forge healthy teams and trust by embracing a ritual of sharing and celebrating their wins.

There are many “lightbulb moments” in the EOS Journey.

These are moments of blinding clarity when teams see their organization through the lens of the Six Key Components of the EOS Model. Clarity to see their strengths and weaknesses, issues and opportunities in a new light. “Turning on the light” means choosing between groping around in the dark for answers or clearly seeing a way forward.  Once the light in on, anything is possible.

If you want to turn the light on in your organization, visit www.eosworldwide.com to download the EOS Tools and find a Professional EOS Implementer. We’re here to help.



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