What Do Top Performers Do

Habits of Top Performers

Recently I was listening to a very interesting podcast interview between my favorite go-to internet medical professional: Peter Attia MD and Lewis Howes.   They had a wide-ranging but in depth discussion, and touched on the subject of top performers, coaches and what coaching does.

Lewis is a former professional athlete and has a deep passion around studying the habits of top performers to distill what it is they do that drives their success. He has interviewed a lot of world class athletes from Kobe Bryant to Novak Djokovic and Olympic gold medalists.

The habits he found in these top performers that have driven their success are:

  • All great athletes who succeed have expert coaches to support them.
  • When top athletes get to the top, they don’t just rest there and stop.
  • They hire more elite coaches when they’re at the top to continue to sustain their success and get better.

The Benefits of Hiring a Coach

Lewis has experienced himself how coaches have helped him develop tools to overcome the things that are holding him back, and to allow him to live in a space with more peace and abundance.

Michael A. Singer talks about these concepts a lot too. He notes that many of us have “stuff” buried deep down inside, and when things happen in the workplace, and other relationships in our lives, that touch our “stuff”, we have two choices:

1) We can let that continue to scar us, and continue to shrink away or avoid that situation.


2) We can embrace the challenge and use facing the difficulty as an opportunity for growth.

Coaches help us choose the latter option by supporting us with presence, tools, experiences and empathy.

The ultimate aim is to get to a more abundant, joyful, peaceful and fulfilled life, where you are engaged in the moment to moment unfolding of your business and feeling like you have been able to give it your very best. Every. Single. Day.

“I think inner peace is the greatest currency” – Lewis Howes

Connections Between High Performance and Entrepreneurship

If you want to hear more about the deep connections between high performance and entrepreneurship, listen to Lewis Howes interview Gino Wickman.

This conversation is absolutely foundational and was a great opportunity for Gino to lay out the whole architecture of what we do to support entrepreneurs from starting with a germ of an idea through to looking at what’s next in life after their business is running smoothly on EOS.

The EOS Life

As an EOS Coach, I help my clients see where they are with their businesses, and provide them the support to face the obstacles, the impediments, the stuff that’s getting in their way and slowing them down.

That support comes in many forms, as needed and when appropriate, to get you to living the EOS Life.

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