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The Lumberjack Story

Have you heard Steven Covey’s Lumberjack story? It’s about two lumberjacks, one young and strong and one old and experienced. They’re competing to see who can cut down the most trees in 8 hours, and the young and strong one is confident that he will win. During the competition the young lumberjack hears the older one stop every hour.

When the whistle was blown to signal the end, the young lumberjack was so confident that he had one he walked to the podium and climbed up. The older one approached the podium looking much less tired than the younger one. The time had come for the winner to be announced, and to the younger one’s disappointment and shock, he was not named the winner.

He turned to the older lumberjack and asked “How can this be? I heard you taking breaks every hour while I worked continuously.”

The older man smiled and said, “Son, I was not stopping to rest. I was stopping to sharpen my saw.”

What That Means for Entrepreneurs 

Think about it like this: if a company is not taking intentional breaks to refocus and sharpen their goals as a group, the goals will become muddied by time and employee interpretations. Investing your time and resources is an important part of achieving your goals because it gives you access to expertise and tools that you would otherwise not have.

With EOS, you have a plethora of tools available to you to help you and your team stay clear about your goals and maintain traction towards your vision. Plus, when you work with an EOS Implementer like myself, you have someone to turn to when you have questions, concerns, or just need to be kept accountable.

Why Invest in Your team? 

Your organization is filled with smart people who are all trying to do their best for the company, but what if all their visions are different? If there is no clear definition of what your goals are, then nobody can actually make steps to achieve them. It would be like trying to cut down trees with a dull saw — exhausting and unproductive. As leaders, you may think the vision for your company is clear, but have you asked everyone on your team what your company vision means? How their role in the company contributes to gaining traction towards the vision? When you take the time and invest in creating a crystal clear vision for everyone on your team, the path to success is more defined.

This process can be a big investment, depending on your starting place and the experience levels of your employees and leadership team – but it’s worth it. Even some of my most uncertain and inexperienced clients quickly discovered how investing in EOS now brought their team closer and their business success.

After a recent session, a new member of the leadership team who had never been to a session before, commented, “I’ve never sat down as a leadership team, identified issues, and then just solved them before.”

With our proven process, you can trust that EOS will help you and your team get aligned and gain traction towards your goals. Whether you make the decision to invest now or later, EOS is waiting for you like a north star.

Get the Team Involved

There is nothing as satisfying as having a team that can lean on one another to achieve the collective goals. By taking intentional breaks with your leadership team to refocus, everyone in your business will be on the same page about business goals, which means you will reach them faster! I’m ready to invest in your team and work together to turn the team of your dreams into the team of your reality – are you? Contact me today for your free, 90-minute session today!



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