4 Strategies for Improving the Employee Experience and Bringing in Profits Too

Employees don’t just want a decent salary. They want more – and they’re willing to trade the comfort of a steady paycheck for the promise of a transformational worker/company experience.

If you’re a business leader, you know that you have to focus on your company, too – especially if you’re in the early years of the business. To balance the realities of running an organization with the needs of the people doing the work, follow these four strategies:

  1. Know why you’re experiencing turnover.

Before assuming that your people are leaving because they’re unhappy with compensation or benefits, conduct “temperature checks” with current employees and hold honest exit interviews with those who decide to leave.

  1. Lay out transparent, actionable goals.

Once you know the holes, begin to mend them and share your goals openly and frequently with your team. EOS Worldwide Integrator™ Kelly Knight says, “It’s critical to get every single person aligned with the vision and truly inspired about the direction of the company.”

  1. Play to your employees’ strengths.

Repetitive tasks kill productivity and employee morale. Free up employee time for higher-value work by investing in automation software and system upgrades that relieve the need for repetitive manual duties.

  1. Hand out some autonomy raises.

Treat employees like adult professionals with the freedom to and expectation that they plan their own schedules. Flexible schedules allow employees to plan their workdays and make time for personal interests.

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