EOS Worldwide Visionary Mark O’Donnell Provides 4 Ways Franchisors can Equip Franchisees for Success

Mark O’Donnell shares steps to build a stronger culture and people-focused franchise in his recent article featured in FranchiseWire, “4 Ways Franchisors Can Equip Franchisees to Be Great People Managers.”

With new franchises on the rise, existing franchisors can stay competitive and innovative by focusing on people. Companies with a strong culture have a competitive advantage and experience long-term success.

Franchisees need a foundational operating system for their people and operations processes. With a solid foundation in place, franchisees are able to create a culture of high employee engagement where employees see themselves as a part of the company’s future.

Franchisors should equip their franchisees with these four effective people management strategies:

  1. Communicate a clear vision. A vision answers the question, “where are we going?”. Reflect on what drove you to lead the franchise as well as your most important business values and principles. Align your business objectives with your values by creating core values to communicate to your employees.
  2. Find and develop the right people. Build a staff that embodies the core values and believes in the vision. Invest in your employees by providing professional development opportunities.
  3. Put data to use. Outline how to use data to drive the business forward and create the best customer experiences. Invest the time in building a weekly report or Scorecard™ and creating smart measurables so that you and your team know exactly what needs to get done each week to keep important goals on track.
  4. Resolve problems for good. Provide tools and strategies to resolve issues for the long term. Consider hosting regular meetings for leadership teams at the same time on the same day, every single week. This will empower you and your team to discuss key roadblocks and goals holding you back from growth.

“At the end of the day, every single business is a people business, and excellent people management will always be a key indicator of long-term success,” Mark writes.

Read the full article on the FranchiseWire website.

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