S1E9: How to “Lead from Behind” | Graham Wong & Jesse Sharratt

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S1E9: How to “Lead from Behind” | Graham Wong & Jesse Sharratt

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Graham Wong’s journey into entrepreneurship was a dynamic roller coaster, pushing him into various roles. From the hustle and grind to the minutiae of the business, he found himself constantly evolving with the demands of leadership.

Wong discovered the power of “leading from behind,” promoting an open dialogue with his team while setting a clear course for the business. It was a challenging balance to strike — fostering creativity while making tough decisions, but he learned to navigate it with growing confidence.

Wong’s vision for LAUFT was ambitious: a worldwide network of small distributed workspaces offering complete work-life freedom. The immensity of the vision was daunting, but through setting realistic, incremental targets and implementing systems like EOS®, he began to see steady growth.

For Integrator Jesse Sharratt, leadership was a process of learning and adapting. He saw the immense value in coaching and mentoring, focusing on fostering an environment that encouraged creativity and collaboration. Yet he also understood the importance of making difficult decisions.

Sharratt found a balance between collaboration and direction, allowing team members to voice their ideas while guiding the overall trajectory of the business.

To actualize LAUFT’s vision of creating a network of workspaces across the globe that allow for maximum flexibility and freedom, Sharratt began setting realistic targets and measuring progress. His approach fostered a culture of trust and flexibility, empowering the team to balance their personal life and work commitments.


About the We Run on EOS™ Podcast

Entrepreneurial leaders thrive under pressure… sometimes until they collapse. When things get intense, people depend on them to come in clutch, both in business and in life. The We Run on EOS podcast honors the moments when entrepreneurs rose to the occasion for their companies through transformational game-changers. Host Pam Kosanke, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, fellow entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports, learned how to use the massive pressures she faced to forge her own personal transformation. Join her conversations with our guests as they celebrate decisions that ultimately helped guide them to greatness. You just might pick up a play or two from them to level up your own entrepreneurial game.

About Pam Kosanke

Pam Kosanke is an award-winning leader, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports. She has deep experience working with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and small businesses and across a variety of industries, including franchising, packaged goods, quick-service restaurants, professional services, sports marketing, and retail. Pam has faced all types of challenges, reached the most aggressive goals, navigated nearly every kind of crisis. Throughout her career, she’s continually proven her ability to lead teams to victory on every stage – as an athlete, marketing professional, and entrepreneur.

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