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Handling Employee Compensation

I met with John who owns a dentist office with several hygienist and a front desk staff.  In total, John has 15 employees.  John grew his business over 10 years and is loyal to his employees.  He compensates them ‘more than appropriately.’  John believes he is paying his employees about 15% more than the competition

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Everyone is Stepping On Top of Each Other

2 months ago I asked Chris “What would you improve in your business right now if you could?”   Chris owns an Atlanta-based 20 employee software company that does both onshore and offshore development.  I asked him why he didn’t just fix it he said “it’s complex.” Chris built his company over 8 years using a ‘people

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After Hour Emails

“Nobody checks their emails after hours!”  This was a response from a local business owner when I asked him “how engaged are your employees?” One frustration from business owners is that the level of engagement from their employees does not match theirs.  I hear phrases like: “Nobody seems to care as much as I do.”

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