Are you planning an event for entrepreneurial business leaders? Certified EOS Implementers are available to deliver engaging and useful presentations in a variety of formats that are tailor-made for busy entrepreneurs.

We offer inspiring Keynote Addresses jam-packed with real, immediately useful information to help attendees see their businesses in a whole new way. They will better understand how to get what they want from their businesses, and they’ll be equipped with a powerful set of proven tools to clarify, simplify and achieve their visions.

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“I wanted to let you how much our audience appreciated and enjoyed your presentation at the NAPBS conference in New Orleans. Your presentation was very well received by everyone. It reminds us all how easy it really is to take the information we already have and apply it to your message to enhance and grow our businesses."

Larry L. Lambeth, Chairman, NAPBS

“Your Implementer’s recent presentation at our event was wonderful. He was engaging, organized, and thorough. Our group members enjoyed listening to his perspective on running a successful business, and through his presentation, he gently forced them to confront their most self-defeating business habits. I encourage all business-based resource organizations to use him as a catalyst for positive thinking and increased business. I must note this was our second use of him–he presented to our group about four years ago, and our leadership found his message so compelling that we called upon him again. He is the only speaker we have engaged twice!”

Kari Alterman, Director, Leadership Development, JEN

“Gino Wickman has been our highest rated and most requested guest speaker since we began holding annual events in 1992. Our audiences give him highest marks for usable content, relevant value, and impact. They are used to Hall-of-Fame caliber speakers. We’ve had Les Brown, Og Mandino, Tom Hopkins, and Zig Ziglar on our stage. He easily fits in with them. If you want no-nonsense, hard-hitting, business-building content from an engaging and likeable speaker, we recommend Gino Wickman.”

Mike Pallin, President, Starmakers

“EOS’s nitty-gritty message on how to run a great business was full of real-world principles and practices. The EOS Implementer gave our conference attendees exactly what they needed; a new way to look at their business. I’d highly recommend his keynote speech to any audience of entrepreneurs, leaders, or mangers.”

Tom McCarthy, Executive Vice President, Mitchell International, Inc.