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Why Doesn’t Anyone Follow Our Business Processes?

Don’t we have a process for closing the books? She keeps missing the monthly deadline. We shared these tools when we onboarded him; why isn’t he following the process? If you have heard or expressed frustrations similar to those above, you’re not alone. In our earlier blog, we shared the first tool to strengthen your Process Component™: The 3-Step Process Documenter™. Many organizations devote time and resources to this first step of documenting and simplifying their core processes, but don’t get the benefit of this work. This second and vital tool, the FBA Checklist, provides you with the four steps to get your core processes followed by all.

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Three-Steps to Meaningful Process Improvement

Earlier in my career, I joined a residential remodel start-up that a family member had founded.  When we had only one location, the company thrived. As we expanded into other locations, however, we spent years struggling to consistently deliver our brand promise of projects that finished on time and on budget. 

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