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The Power of the Three Year Picture

I find that many clients misunderstand the real power of the three-year picture.  They’re not wrong. They just need to adjust their scope to fully leverage its value. What is it and what is it NOT? Simply put, it’s not a “plan.” It’s a picture that sets the stage for where your company will be

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Mastering the Art and Science of Delegation

To keep a business growing to new levels of success, you must delegate. Most business owners would agree with this statement in theory, but the moment they consider what they could delegate, they hit a roadblock. They feel overwhelmed by all the reasons why they can’t. They think, “My business is too small,” or “We don’t have

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Why Most Entrepreneurs Struggle Solving Issues and What to do About It!

Consistent solving and moving through issues are some of the most difficult challenges entrepreneurs face. It’s not surprising that most find it challenging and frustrating. It takes focus, discipline and a solid methodology to get it right. Here’s where many entrepreneurs get tripped up: #1. They don’t clearly identify the root issue. The issue produces

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5 Tips To Beat Your Biggest Business Obstacles

*To help our readers navigate their businesses and organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are re-posting this relevant blog post from June 7, 2017  The ability to solve substantive business challenges could be the most important skill your leadership team must master. It can either propel your business forward at light speed or, if done

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Good Problem Solving is Like Flying Through the Eye of a Hurricane

eye of hurricaneI often remind my clients that an issue is just that… an issue. 

In other words, there is nothing they can’t solve. It’s simply that some issues are bigger and more emotionally charged than others.

People issues usually top the list as the toughest to take on. Many leaders delay addressing these problems because they fear they will be painful and result in unpleasant outcomes. Good problem solving is like reaching the eye of a hurricane.

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