Solving a People Issue is Scary – But It’s Worth It!

The leaders of companies running on EOS® learn to look at their business through the lens of the Six Key Components™ (as illustrated by the EOS Model™). This is important because the root cause of a company’s issues is weakness in the Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process or Traction Component™. Solving issues at the root (rather than treating symptoms) makes them go away forever.

solve-people-issue.jpgConsider the People Component

While issues can be caused by weakness in any of the Six Key Components™, I’ve found that one component is the root cause of far more issues than the other five. Ironically, it’s also the component most clients are afraid to confront.

Of course, I’m talking about the People Component.

When one of my clients is struggling with an issue, say “sales are off-track,” they’ll almost always start trying to fix it by strengthening the Vision, or Process, or Data Components. Why? Because tackling weakness in those key components isn’t anywhere near as likely to trigger an emotional reaction, or hurt someone that you care about.  Solving people issues is just plain scary.

To be sure, sometimes the root cause is weakness in one of those components. You could be selling into the wrong target market, or need to document and simplify your sales or marketing process, or track and drive accountability for data. But before you go there, I’d just ask you to consider weakness in the People Component. Because the issues you’re afraid to confront may lead to the solutions that transform your business.

Make the Hard Decision

I’ve seen it happen many times. After trying just about anything to solve an issue, a client finally makes a tough people decision. In comes a new leader or employee – someone who’s a “right person in the right seat.” Within two quarters, the issue in question is solved, and often many other related issues get solved as well.

If you’ve been trying everything to solve an issue and failing, consider making one great people move. Invest in a new person, or in training and development for someone with untapped potential. Coach a wrong person or wrong seat up or out. Hire a new leader or employee who fits your culture and brings the skills and experience you need to take your business to the next level.

Those things are scary and hard – but they’re worth it!

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