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RBB: Surviving and Thriving through the Pandemic Thanks to EOS®

While the pandemic has taken the world by storm, businesses in every sector have had to make tough decisions and incorporate significant modifications to face this unexpected weather. One notable frontrunner who’s making it through the Covid storm at lightning speed is RBB, an electronics contract manufacturing company based in Wooster, Ohio. RBB attributes their

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EOS® Success is No Mystery For IntelliShop

Ron Welty, Founder, Visionary and CEO of IntelliShop, heads one of the leading customer experience measurement and improvement firms in the country—and yes, this involves mystery shoppers. Located in Perrysburg, Ohio, IntelliShop started in 1999 and has steadily grown while remaining strong throughout its 20+ year history. About four years ago, Welty leafed through Inc. Magazine that

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Tips for Having Difficult Conversations with Team Members

man standing face-to-face with a statue of a man outside on a benchCompanies are made up of people. And sometimes people don’t get along. Sometimes people are inconsiderate or forgetful. Sometimes people lack motivation and stop caring whether they produce good work. And all of that has the potential to hurt your business.

Few executives enjoy sitting an employee down to have the “we need to talk” talk. But sooner or later, it becomes unavoidable. How can you have that difficult conversation in a way that promotes positive results?

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Why Employee Engagement Is More Important Than What You Do

Why Employee Engagement Is More Important Than What You Do“Buy-in” is one of those business catchphrases that is so overused, nobody seems to know what it really means anymore.

You already know it’s important for your employees to buy in to what your company is doing. But what does that really mean? We should start by calling buy-in what it really is: emotional engagement. And what is emotional engagement? It’s the “why” of your company and your people.

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3 Ways to Groom the Next Generation of Leaders

3 Ways to Groom the Next Generation of LeadersLeadership isn’t about a title or a position. It’s a mentality — an approach to how you do your job.

Leaders don’t just give orders. In fact, someone can lead without ever taking charge of another person.

Leaders are people who take initiative. They’re the ones who don’t wait for someone else to step up. They hold others accountable and hold themselves to the same high standards.

You can develop leaders at all levels of your company and teach them to groom future leaders.

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