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Strong Integrator = Strong Team

Strong Integrator = Strong Team The 6 Key Areas You Need to Master Seeing the growth and success of a leadership team running on EOS is one of the great joys of my work as an implementer. The role where I often see the most incredible growth is in the Integrator. If you sit in

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Retention Strategy = Cascading EOS Rhythms and Tools

Lots of companies are talking about retention strategies for their people. As an EOS company, here is a case for why doing EOS really well and cascading it is the best strategy for keeping your people. The Gallup organization came up with 12 questions that assessed an organization’s strengths in customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity, and

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Use Your Head, But Don’t Forget Your Heart

As a leader in an EOS® company, you have hopefully continued to realize the importance of all of the EOS Tools you are using in your business. That’s why as I finish up quarterlies, it is inspiring to see leaders using the V/TO™, Accountability Chart, Rocks, Meeting Pulse™, and the Scorecard to stay aligned and

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