All You Can Eat “Rock” Buffet

All You Can Eat Rock BuffetRecently I was doing my favorite thing, I was in the room with one of my EOS client teams. This team of five has been on The Journey for a bit over a year with 6 Rock Setting experiences under their belts.

Right when we had wrapped up setting Rocks for this 90 day run, Steve piped up and said: “You know, Rocks Setting is like eating at an all you can eat Buffet.”

We all roared laughing, turned our collective heads and said: “Tell us more.”

Steve played football for The University of Georgia back in the day. A very fast linebacker.

Steve says: “You know, back in school, the first time you go to that all you can eat buffet you take your plate and load it up, once, then you go back, you want to eat everything, everything is important to eat, you load up again, and then you go for that final load and you leave most of it on the plate… Yet, ultimately, with experience, after multiple weeks visiting the A-Y-C-E-B, you get good at choosing what you want and cleaning your plate. Your eyes are not bigger than your stomach. You understand. It is the same with Rocks, at first we want to eat and chew off everything and we find, we finish nothing, with practice we get good at only allowing what we can do/finish to end up on our 90 Day Rock Plate. It is much healthier and carries much less indigestion. (Big Steve Smile!)”

All You Can Eat “Rock” Buffet – Thanks Steve!


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