Achieving HUGE Goals

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Visionaries think big. They have bold visions and often push their teams to a point where they feel uncomfortable. That’s a good thing, though. You can’t grow as a person or as a business without feeling a little uncomfortable now and again. Achieving huge goals means stepping out of your comfort zone.

Vision Building™ Day Pains

Vision Building Day exercises are where Visionaries shine. They use their creativity and enthusiasm to dream up immense expectations for their business. Visionaries can come up with the biggest, the hairiest, and the most audacious goals for their companies.

And that can make the rest of the leadership team squirm. They worry about how to achieve goals that feel completely out of reach for them. Their body language advertises that they’re not buying all that the Visionary is selling them. The leadership team sees it as their responsibility to pull the Visionary’s feet back down to earth.

“You’re not thinking big enough,” Visionaries will tell them. Usually, they’re right.

To achieve big goals, leadership teams have to work with Visionaries to determine what they really can accomplish. That can lead to some pretty “spirited” discussions. Things can get intense. My job as a Professional EOS Implementer® is to keep those discussions as productive as possible.

When team members finally agree, it’s often on something closer to the Visionary’ s big goal and usually bigger than what they originally wanted.

Achieving Results 

I recently worked with a client who had some of those especially difficult conversations. They had good debates around the huge goals the Visionary proposed for their 10-Year Target™ and 3-Year Picture™.

They settled on a 3-Year Picture, but I could tell the leadership team still felt uncomfortable about it. Their concern focused on revenues and profit goals, but the revenues worried them the most. But they put their faith in the process and stuck with the plan they outlined anyway.

And guess what? I just did their second annual session with them last year. They hit their 3-Year Picture early, including those revenue goals. They were shocked. They said they never would have achieved their results without EOS®.

I had to remind them to celebrate their success. We heard so much bad business news during 2020 that we needed reasons to celebrate! So often we fail to take time to appreciate big achievements; we just move right on to the next thing. Taking time out to celebrate helps keep our morale high and adds joy to achieving results.

Helping Business Achieve Huge Goals

I love the prospect of helping companies achieve amazing results. Nothing is more satisfying as an Implementer than when clients come back and report having had their best quarters ever.

When they follow the EOS Process®, I just know they’ll do great things. EOS works because of its simplicity and power. Balancing use of the tools with big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGs) creates lanes with the least amount of friction.

Leadership teams can help their companies achieve their huge goals by breaking through their preconceived ideas of business limitations. Visionaries can help a team dream bigger. Leadership teams turn those huge dreams into goals that get achieved.

How strong is your company?

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