Congratulations To Our Newest Boot Camp Graduates!

2020 Boot Camp Graduates

We are proud to announce the graduates from the EOS® May 2020 Detroit Professional Implementer Boot Camp™! 

Having successfully completed Boot Camp, all of our graduates have earned the Professional EOS Implementer® designation


Brandon HarrisBrandon Harris, London, UK

Brandon hails from an entrepreneurial family. He started his own business at 25, taking it from nothing to thriving. He recently sold his gym business he started 17 years ago and now helps other gyms as a consultant and investor. He’s a strong believer in developing and maintaining a solid work/life balance.




John King

John King, Orlando, FL

John has been a leader in entrepreneurial companies for the majority of his career. He was the chief operating officer of Music Tech before it was sold. He also owned his own small bookkeeping business and is the chief operating officer of Strong Films where the self-implementation of EOS made a huge impact on him. John wants to have an impact on others by moving from being in the business to helping others be happy and successful with their businesses. 



Mark Dispensa

Marc Dispensa, New York City, NY

Marc is a visionary serial entrepreneur with a track record of bringing new ideas to life and helping to grow leaders and companies. He is part owner of Magna 360 and started another company that self-implemented EOS. Marc is very passionate and excited to focus on living his next chapter that will take him out of the day-to-day running of his company to doing what he loves most: helping entrepreneurs. 



Mike Green

Mike Green, Boston, MA

Mike grew up watching his dad run his own company and knew that’s where he was also headed. As an entrepreneur, Mike took his company from start-up to over $200 million in revenue with over 500 employees. In doing so, he learned the ease of doing things right and also the challenge of the hard way, from doing things wrong. He decided to use that experience to help others. Mike’s passion is helping business owners and leadership teams break through the ceiling and accomplish goals they never thought possible.


Steven Ross

Steven Ross, Dallas, TX

Steven started his career in door-to-door sales and moved up to become a national sales manager. He built sales teams and training and leadership development programs for the company. Following that, Steven went out on his own and started a leadership development and sales training company. Now, Steven is committed to delivering the right tools to help entrepreneurs have a better balance between life and a successful business.



Marty Vondrell

Marty Vondrell, Seattle, WA

Marty owned a coaching business for the past 10 years and has prior global experience working with large corporations. Over the past five years, while continuing to work in executive coaching, Marty’s focus has shifted towards working with smaller businesses. He is most fulfilled when he’s helping business owners with their vision, leadership, execution, and building good teams to support it all.



Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris, Baltimore, MD

Stephen grew up in New Zealand as a sailor, designer, and builder. After getting a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, he led New Zealand yacht racing teams. Working with a wide variety of people, Stephen learned what trust really means. His sailing career led him to Annapolis, MD, where he spent 16 years in leadership roles designing winning racing yachts for world races, including the America’s Cup. Stephen believes in empowering teams, helping them build cohesion, having better communication, and solving real problems rapidly so they can achieve their growth goals.



Jon Kludt


Jon Kludt, San Diego, CA

Eighteen years ago, Jon and his family started a winery and hard cider business. He’s worked every position there while gaining exposure in managing people and different business units. Not only has he self-implemented EOS within his business, but he’s also helped three other businesses implement EOS as well. Today, he wants his main focus to be helping leadership teams and companies get better through EOS — it feels like a natural fit for him.



Chris Castillo

Chris Castillo, Dallas, TX

Chris and his wife started their coaching business about 10 years ago —  she’s the Visionary and he’s the Integrator. They moved from California to Texas, began growing and hiring, and at the end of 2019, Chris was able to step away from the business after hiring a chief operating officer. Chris has a passion for helping other business owners by sharing his story and experiences while offering them the tools to get where they want to go.



Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Gutierrez de la Cruz, Guadalajara, Mexico

Juan Carlos earned a master’s degree from the University of Guadalajara because he wanted a better life for himself and his family. He’s been a business owner and entrepreneur his entire life and after reading Traction, he started implementing EOS in the business co-owned by him and his brother. He’s ready to move out of his leadership role at the company and help other businesses implement EOS. Juan Carlos has a passion for helping other business owners by sharing his experiences and the EOS tools. 



Mike Hutson

Mike Hutson, Indianapolis, IN

Mike has over 30 years of hands-on leadership experience in a variety of companies and industries ranging from small startups to $1 billion organizations. He experienced many successes and challenges along the way, discovering what works and what doesn’t. Mike has developed practical and flexible approaches to addressing strategic and financial challenges that stand in the way of growth. His passion is to help other leaders and businesses become stronger and happier.


Ready to become an effective business coach and join over 350 Professional EOS Implementers? Pursue your passion and see for yourself if the EOS Life® is for you.

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