The EOS Implementer®: A Breakdown of the Role

The EOS Implementer®: A Breakdown of the Role

EOS Implementers are the heart and soul of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). They’re obsessed with entrepreneurs and make it their life’s work to help them create better lives for themselves. The role centers around three key functions: teacher, facilitator, and coach.

A Breakdown of the Role

EOS was designed to bring simple, effective, and proven tools into the hands of business owners. The goal is to eliminate the chaos of piecemeal solutions and bring everything into one organized place. 

That same philosophy rings true for EOS Implementers. Instead of entrepreneurs who are already busy navigating the day-to-day operations of their business having to also navigate relationships with three different supporting personnel, EOS Implementers meet the needs of all three:

  • Teacher – Implementers teach entrepreneurial leadership teams a set of simple, practical tools to help create some context for them around the Entrepreneurial Operating System and get more of the right stuff done every week.
  • Facilitator – An Implementer serves as a mediator for the leadership team. They facilitate discussion into a common answer that can be executed. The Implementer doesn’t tell business owners what to do or give them the right answer. Business owners decide that for themselves.
  • Coach – EOS Implementers also function as coaches. They serve as the third-party observer to the operation of your business. They help you see what you can’t from your perspective on the inside. An EOS Implementer will coach you, hold you accountable, and make you get more out of yourself than you thought possible.


The Day-to-Day of an EOS Implementer

The day-to-day life of an EOS Implementer is spent attaining and supporting an average of 20 clients and providing them with the tools they need to master EOS. EOS Implementers immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial community and focus on helping their client portfolio realize more freedom and success than they ever thought possible.

EOS Implementers conduct approximately five sessions a year with each client, or about 100 sessions in total per year. They run quarterly and annual meetings with their clients’ leadership teams and guide them on their path forward. 

Who They Work With

EOS Implementers work with entrepreneurs and leadership teams of small and medium-sized businesses. These companies are privately owned and are made up of 10–250 people. The EOS Implementer’s job is to help these business owners and leadership teams get unstuck and rediscover the growth-focused mindset that they founded their business on.

How to Become an EOS Implementer

Professionals operating under titles like “business coach” or “consultant” who are obsessed with helping business owners run their businesses better can become EOS Implementers by following a four-step process. 

  1. RegisterAttend a free webinar.
  2. Apply – Submit a franchise application and meet with a franchise leader.
  3. Attend Boot Camp – Attend a three-day interactive course.
  4. Coach – Begin doing the work you love, supporting other entrepreneurs and helping them live better lives.



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