When You Wish Upon a List… “The Wish List”

When You Wish Upon a List… “THE WISH LIST”

As a Visionary, what’s on your “wish list” of things you’d love for an Integrator to handle for you?

Whether you’re looking for your perfect Integrator, or you’ve just gotten them on board, the Wish List™ is an amazing tool to help you make this combination work – to make it really powerful.  It can even be an extra boost for a Visionary/Integrator combination that is already well established.

Here’s the situation: You’ve got 137 different things on your mind. Right? What we want you to do is just sit down and pour out every fear, every idea, every frustration, every issue, every worry, every loose end – everything you’re trying to get off your plate. All the things you expect to get solved as a result of having an Integrator. Pour that stuff all out on your Wish List. These are the things you just wish were resolved, you wish you could get off your plate, you wish would go away. Once you clear your head, you’re going to feel so much better that you now have those things out of your brain and down on paper.

When your Integrator is in place, you’re going to sit down with them, and you’re going to go over all the items on that list. Together, you’re going to begin to compartmentalize them. “These are the short-term things. These are the long-term things. These are the things we need to do right now, or very soon. These things can wait until a bit later.” Then you’re going to build that reference into your regular pulse of communication – your Same Page Meetings TM with your Integrator.

Keep going back to your Wish List. See how you’re doing. What things are we knocking off the list? What are the next things we need to be attacking? You’ll notice, over a period of months, that you’ll begin to make your Wish List a part of your DNA. It will become a very natural thing for you to think about as you consider which priorities to focus on next.

I do want you to realize that it’s not all going to get done over night. It might take a year or two to work through that whole list – and eventually, you will get there.

You’ll begin to make big progress. That’s going to feel really, really good to you – and to your Integrator. It’s going to be a lot of fun! And the organization will be so grateful that the two of you are very much on the same page – and so clearly focused on the right priorities. The whole company wins!

Visionaries, here’s your homework to make it happen:

  1. Make your list. Use your next Clarity Break to get this stuff out of your head, and get it down on paper.
  2. Next, work with your Integrator to compartmentalize that list. What’s the long-term stuff? What’s the short-term stuff?
  3. Begin to review the Wish List list in every Same Page Meeting until it’s absolutely embedded in the DNA of your Integrator.

In the book Rocket Fuel (on page 140), there’s an actual example of one Visionary’s Wish List. This Visionary poured their “stuff” all out. They got it down on paper. I urge you to use that as a reference.

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This post originally appeared as a video blog on RocketFuelNow.com on Aug 22, 2015.

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