Three Signs You Need a Stronger Integrator

As the lifeblood of a leadership team, the Integrator serves as an invaluable leader in any organization. A great Integrator has extensive knowledge about all levels of the business and constantly works to move the business forward. Before identifying the three signs that you need a stronger Integrator, let’s get on the same page about the Integrator’s role in your business.

Why You Should Own the Integrator™ Role

Are you a leader in an entrepreneurial company and have a knack for problem-solving, organization, and follow-through? You might be the perfect Integrator for the business! Filling the Integrator role is a big responsibility since it’s one of the most critical roles in the entire company…

The Visionary: A Breakdown of the Role

A company’s Visionary is its entrepreneur. This role is all about generating new ideas, innovating, and driving the business forward. A person in the Visionary role is the creative problem solver who marches toward uncharted territory, the risk taker who can see the future. 


Leadership team members, but especially the Visionary and Integrator™, should never say anything negative about one another. Maintaining mutual respect is critical even when tensions inevitably rise.


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