Why Does the Rocket Fuel Power Index™ Matter?

When business leaders first read Traction, most are surprised to learn about the Visionary and Integrator™ roles. For many, it can feel like someone FINALLY understands them! Once named, the Visionary/Integrator duo – – has the potential to do great things. But it doesn’t always feel like they’re aligned on what those great things should be. Enter the Rocket Fuel Power Index! Why does the Rocket Fuel Power Index matter? Read on. 

What’s the Rocket Fuel Power Index? 

Visionaries and Integrators have very different personalities. Without proper alignment, the Visionary/Integrator™ (V/I) duo can quickly become tense… explosive even. And that’s the wrong way to create and use Rocket Fuel™. 

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When you take the Rocket Fuel Power Index assessment, you rate the health of your V/I Duo™ according to eight mindsets. 

These mindsets are:

  • Vision Alignment
  • Staying in Sync
  • Commitment to Same Page Meetings®
  • Open and Honest Communication 
  • Mutual Respect
  • Role Clarity
  • Agreement on 90-Day Priorities
  • Engagement with the Leadership Team

Scores on a scale of 1 to 12 show where a duo’s strengths and weaknesses lie. The assessment gives you a baseline of where your relationship is now and where you want to be.

What’s Next? 

After you both independently take the Rocket Fuel Power Index, compare your results at your next Same Page Meeting

Because the goal is always to understand each other better, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation about the results. Identify, discuss, and solve challenging areas you’ve both identified and don’t forget to talk about discrepancies in perception if your answers differ wildly.

The main goal is to improve your working relationship with your V/I counterpart. Only then can you achieve greater success together and work toward the greater good of the organization.  

Healthier Interactions with Your Counterpart

If you don’t already hold Same Page Meetings at least monthly, why the heck not? Get them on the books now because these sessions are critical to the health of your working relationship. 

Holding regular Same Page Meetings has a direct impact on your business as well. Don’t think for a moment that the rest of the team doesn’t notice when you two don’t see eye to eye on something. Leadership tension can quickly drive employees away from your business in search of a healthier working environment.

But when you and your V/I counterpart operate in lockstep, your team can feel it. You share a crystallized vision about where the business should head and communicate it clearly to your leadership team.

They, in turn, take that enthusiasm back to their own teams. Pretty soon, you have everyone rowing in the same direction and accomplishing incredible goals for your company. 

And it all starts with how strong your relationship is with your V/I counterpart. Learn how your V/I Duo can become more aligned by taking the Rocket Fuel Power Index Assessment.

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