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What Is Your Team’s Decision Making Tempo?

A good leader is always aware of his or her return on investment (ROI), whether that’s ROI on technology, people or equipment.

With that said, have you thought about your ROI on the time you spend with your leadership team solving issues? The average leadership team spends at least 10% of its time working together to solve organizational issues (ideas, opportunities, problems, obstacles, barriers). That’s hundreds of hours per year making important decisions that move your company forward.

To the degree your leadership team makes decisions better and faster, the company will obviously move forward better and faster and you will get a better ROI on your decision making time. As Napoleon said, “Nothing is more difficult and therefore more precious than to be able to decide.”

The reality is that most leadership teams in small businesses could be better at making great decisions and making them faster. They tend to overanalyze, over-discuss and resist making touch decisions.

We have now delivered more than 14,000 full-day sessions for over 2,500 companies, and I can safely say that we help our clients double their team’s Decision Making Tempo. This is in the areas of both speed and accuracy. Hence, we’ve given them a better ROI on their decision making time.

So here’s what I’m asking you. In the hundreds of hours you’ve spent making decisions with your leadership team, do you feel you’re maximizing your ROI? Does your team make good decisions, and does it make them in a reasonable amount of time?

I’ve written a free e-book called Decide! The One Common Denominator of All Great Leaders. You can download it here for free. It will help you speed up your leadership team’s Decision-Making Tempo. It’s a short and sweet e-book that illustrates four discoveries for great decision making.

One of the discoveries is the Ten Commandments of Decision Making. They are as follows:

Thou Shalt: 

  1. Not rule by consensus
  2. Not be a weenie
  3. Be decisive
  4. Not rely on second-hand information
  5. Fight for the greater good
  6. Not try to solve them all
  7. Live with it, end it, or change it
  8. Choose short-term pain and suffering
  9. Enter the danger
  10. Take a shot

Each of the above Ten Commandments is taught and explained in greater detail in Decide!, along with the other three discoveries. Decide! will also help you realize which ones your team might suffer from, solve them, and increase your Decision Making Tempo.


Stay Focused,
– Gino

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