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BY Gino Wickman

Are You Making Decisions Out of Love or Fear?

As leaders, we make substantially more decisions than most, and I’ve come to realize that many of our decisions are made out of fear. The root of that fear is now clear, which I will uncover in a moment. First, I’d like to create a little context.Over the last 30 years, I have created five pieces of content to help driven leaders get everything they want out of their professional and personal lives…

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Blaming Others … Losing Your Power

When a manager blames others for the tough decisions or news that they have to deliver to their direct report(s), they give their power away, they lose the respect of their people, and it creates resentment, a lack of trust, and organizational dysfunction.

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The EOS Life®: Gifting The EOS Life to Your Employees

What if, every quarter, your managers met with each of their direct reports and went through each of the five points of The EOS Life and helped them move the needle a little bit toward doing what they love, with people they love, making a huge difference, getting compensated appropriately, and having time for other passions?

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