Finding Connection and Growth in Family Business

When you’re a part of the ownership or leadership groups of a family business, networking can feel lonely. You make acquaintance after acquaintance, but others in the business world don’t understand what it’s like to work beside your spouse, your child, your parent, or even your cousin. As a business owner and leader, the weight of guiding the growth, communication, and accountability of your businessand your familyrests on your shoulders. You must continue to develop professionally so you don’t become the limiting factor in your family business’s success.

Network with Others Like You

Networking doesn’t have to feel lonely when you build connections with others who are going through the same thing. That’s why the Prairie Family Business Association (PFBA) exists: to connect family business owners and leaders to other family business owners and leaders who have gone through the same challenges. By engaging with a community that understands family business, you can level up in a way that creates positive ripples in your business and your family.

Building connections and helping family business owners and leaders level up personally and professionally are essential to PFBA. It was so essential that we incorporated them into our Core Values (guided by our own EOS Implementer®, Kyle Kangas).


Many family businesses start in a garage with an employee or two. Growing the business depends on the business owner and leader growing themselves. That’s what we (and EOS Worldwide) focus on: helping the family business professionalize their operation.


Family members who are in business together have unique challenges and unique opportunities. By focusing on the development of your leadership team and preparing the next generation of family leaders, you not only enhance your family business’s position today but also guide it in the right direction for the future.

Building Connections

Have you ever thought, “My business has grown so large. I wonder if the next generation can afford it.”? You’re not alone. Building connections with a network of other family business owners and leaders allows you to see how others have structured their transitions so the next generation can afford the business and the owners can comfortably retire.

Above and Beyond

One of the unique opportunities family businesses have is how they can influence the culture of their organization to reflect the values of the family. This mirroring of family excellence can impact your extended family, your employees, your customers, and your community at large.

Value of Community 

The value of a community of family business owners and leaders is the ability to connect directly to someone who’s gone through a similar challenge. Are you thinking about forming a board but don’t know where to start? PFBA can connect you to a family who was in your shoes and is now years into their board journey. Want to start having family meetings, but you’ve never had one before? We’ll introduce you to a family with a developed cadence and strategy for family meetings.

Similarly, that community of family business owners and leaders will support and encourage your development (as well as hold you accountable)! To truly reach your potential, you need to work on your business instead of just in your business. Thriving for generations doesn’t happen by chance. It requires years of planning and execution with the right support system in place.

If you’re in leadership or ownership with someone related to you, seek out the support of a family business organization like the Prairie Family Business Association. You’ll engage in meaningful professional development on the business side and the family side. You’ll lay the groundwork to become a family business that thrives through generations. You don’t have to go it alone. There’s a community here to support you!  

Stephanie has served as executive director of the Prairie Family Business Association since 2015. She has a proven record of building relationships with members and developing programs that add value to family businesses. Stephanie earned her undergraduate degree from Iowa State University Ivy College of Business and an MBA from the University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business.

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