The ROI of EOS

When I’m meeting with business owners and leaders who are thinking about implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System into their business, one of the first things they want to know is what will they get out of it and will it be worth it. They know they need some outside business coaching or consulting to get to the next level, but aren’t sure what they need.  One of the best parts about EOS is that it touches on all aspects of a business – from the vision, mission, marketing strategy, people, processes, measurables, and accountability – all focused on helping you achieve that vision.

You May Ask, What Will You Get from Implementing EOS Into Your Business?

In my experience, this is what I have seen EOS help other businesses, and my own clients, achieve:

  • Growth & Stability: My clients grew 30% on average last year, during a pandemic when most businesses were going down 40%. How? They were focused, improved processes, found efficiencies, and stuck to their vision.
  • Clarity for All: Ever ask yourself, “how do I get everyone on the same page? Businesses that use EOS uncover a crystal-clear vision that can reduce up to 50% of the confusion throughout their organization.
  • The Right People in the Right Seats: Data has shown that a hiring mistake can cost on average $250,000. EOS helps businesses hire the right people, the first time, saving the expenses and inefficiencies of constantly finding and replacing staff.
  • Process Improvement: You’ll document processes and discover ways to make them the most efficient and effective. Whether this is production, innovation, customer service, sales or purchasing, we get into all major functions of your business.
  • More Time: Everyone wants more time to do what they love. EOS empowers your leadership team, avoids confusion and inefficiencies allowing leaders to have more time to lead, focus on their vision and what’s next, and still enjoy free time with family or friends.

You will become more connected and more in control of your business than you ever have been before. And will be closer to achieving the vision you had for your business when you started it—achieving the results you’ve always dreamed of, but that were just beyond your grasp before EOS.

Those implementing EOS have been able to achieve amazing things for their business, however, EOS is not a silver bullet or a magical pill. You get what you put into it. It will be a lot of hard work— requiring a lot of time and dedication to be successful, but wow is it worth it! By helping you reduce your frustrations and strengthen your business, it will give you more of what you want out of your business.

Reducing Your Frustrations

Tell me, have you ever experienced one or more of these feelings in your business?

  1. People Issues – The struggle of getting enough out of the people in your team.
  2. Lack of Control – The feeling that your business is the one controlling you.
  3. Not Enough Growth – That your business is stuck, not generating enough revenue, and, in general, hitting the ceiling.
  4. Loss of Direction – A lack of clarity on what your vision is and how you are supposed to achieve it
  5. Nothing is working – The feeling that no matter what you do or how hard you work, nothing seems to change

Any of this sound familiar? If they do, don’t worry. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders struggle with these exact same issues. EOS is designed to help business leaders get more from their business by giving them less of these frustrations. The simple solve for those frustrations? Working on strengthening what I call, The Six Key Components of Business.

How EOS Strengthens Your Business

Focusing on building and strengthening each of the Six Key Components can help you break through the ceiling, freeing you to accomplish more, do more of what you love, and let your business run itself. These six key components are:

  1. Vision – Getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.
  2. People – Surrounding yourself with great people, who are in the right person in the right seat in your organization. You can’t achieve a great vision without a great team.
  3. Data – Looking past all the feelings and opinions and looking at your business objectively—looking at the numbers to give you an absolute pulse on where your business currently stands.
  4. Issues – Becoming great at solving your problems – identifying them, finding a solution, and solving your issues for good.
  5. Process – Identifying and documenting the core processes that define the way you run your business to create consistency and stability in your organization
  6. Traction – Becoming great at execution. Taking your vision and doing what you need to make it possible in an actionable and achievable way.

Get More from Your Business with EOS

For teams who can master the tools and successfully run their business on EOS, it lets them experience true impactful results and get more from their business. Taking their business to the next level by achieving the goals they set, while living a more balanced life in the process. That is the true ROI of EOS—more control, more profit, and less frustrations, but only if you’re willing to work. I always say that EOS is simple—not easy. You must put in the work to see the results. However, as you’ll hear me say, be careful what you wish for because you will get it.

Are you ready to have fun and work hard? Let me help your business implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System’s holistic system, practical tools, and timeless concepts that will let you get more from your business—more control, more profit, and less frustrations. Contact me today!

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