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100% Right People in the Right Seats. You have to have both to achieve a great vision for your business. Now that you have them, you want to retain these great people and that takes great leadership and great management.
Businesses running on EOS® use “LMATM” (Leadership + Management = Accountability) to lead all of their people. Leadership is about the people – vision casting, developing relationships, supporting them, and growing them into new responsibilities (delegating some of yours). Management is about things – managing the environment, tasks, schedules and expectations.
In addition to the weekly Level 10 Meeting(TM), bosses in EOS® business use a tool called 5-5-5(TM) to stay connected with their people in quarterly conversations. The 5-5-5 is a simple tool used to structure these two-way conversations. You may have more or less than 5 in each area, but “5-5-5” is easy to say and remember:
  • 5 Core Values – talk to each other about how each of you are living (or not living) the core values for the business
  • 5 Roles – discuss how well each of you is meeting expectations for the responsibilities of the seat you own, and
  • 5 Rocks – Are you both on track to complete your Rocks for the quarter? How can each of you help the other?
Combined with the Accountability Chart(TM) and the People Analyzer(TM), the 5-5-5 ensure that you are connected with each of your direct reports and you are both leading them and managing their environment to help the business achieve its 1-Year Plan.
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