Why I Became an Professional EOS Implementer®

Over the last 25 years, I have developed a passion, an obsession with continuous improvement. Improvement of products, of process, of strategy and ultimately, results. How? By helping others achieve their goals.  By bringing simplicity, structure and continuity to business owners, the results have been: reduced frustrations, refocus on the reason the business exists, and clarity of their vision.

In 2015, I was given a copy of Traction from a fellow board member of a non-profit.  Why? Every initiative I wished to accomplish to improve the organization was captured in Traction.  After reading the book, the organization implemented the EOS® tools and found efficiencies and greater accountability.  The immediate and early success within the leadership team built confidence and brought about fundamental changes.  Fundamental improvements.  I then wanted to bring about these improvements for others.

Since 2016, I have helped leadership teams from a variety of backgrounds: legacy manufacturing companies, construction, service, design and the hospitality world come together to optimize the Six key Components of EOS:

  • Vision
  • People
  • Data
  • Issues
  • Process
  • Traction®

As an EOS Implementer, there is tremendous satisfaction from the Aha’s that happen along the way.  Helping clients crystallize their vision, build out the right structure of their entire organization, celebrate their success and provide support and guidance.

The time-spaced learning of EOS Sessions is the most effective way to learn highly condensed content while allowing our clients to master the tools while still running their companies; adding in the new elements and processes as is best for the organization.  As I’m fond of saying: You need to keep flying the plane while rebuilding the plane.

Do you need Traction?  If you own or run a business, but want more from that business: more clients, more profit, more sanity.  If you are stuck, stalled, or frustrated.  The simple and powerful tools of EOS® are the solution.

Each EOS Session is objective driven, not agenda driven.  Working with the Leadership Team, we spend +/- 7 hours each session on gaining mastery of the tools, measuring and evaluating the progress.

So how I help?  The simplicity and the effectiveness of the EOS tools works for business owners/leadership teams that want more from their business, to gain measurable results and achieve their vision.  Working with an EOS Implementer, business owners will see permanent and positive change in the shortest period of time.



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