Don’t Skip the Exit Interviews

Unfortunately, exit interviews are usually an afterthought. It’s unfortunate because they can help uncover a lot of issues that hurt retention in your business and keep you from hiring the best people. 

EOS Worldwide Visionary Mark O’Donnell and Integrator™ Kelly Knight share why leaders should thoughtfully conduct exit interviews.  

The Root of Recruitment Troubles

Getting the top talent in the door will always be a challenge, but lacking the following could make things worse:

  • Clear vision and core values
  • An intentional company culture
  • Growth and learning opportunities
  • Realistic expectations
  • Discernment before hiring

It Begins at the End

Leaders can get a more accurate picture of their recruitment process and its failings by performing thoughtful exit interviews. Exit interviews can help unearth hidden issues with processes and procedures.  

When looking for ways to improve your hiring and recruitment process, exit interviews might not immediately spring to mind. However, they’re an excellent opportunity to hold up a mirror to your company and see what’s working and what isn’t. 

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