4 Leadership Techniques to Tame Attrition at Your Company

Every company wants to retain valuable team members, but too many business leaders have yet to address why their good people leave. EOS Worldwide Integrator™ Kelly Knight shares her top four techniques to ensure that employees feel valued and enjoy a sense of belonging at work. 

  1. Share your organizational vision regularly.
    Conducting quarterly state-of-the-company addresses offers a chance to highlight a company’s vision and consistently share core values with team members.
  2. Strive for positivity.
    Another great use of state-of-the-company addresses is to share core value shout-outs. Sharing good things naturally creates stronger bonds between people.
  3. Spread gratitude.
    Gratitude is infectious, and it prompts empathy and compassion. Employees love working for leaders who possess a genuine love of people.
  4. Learn from your attrition losses.
    Sooner or later, every leader will lose a valued team member. Ask yourself what you, as a leader, could’ve done differently to retain that person.

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