How To Ensure Your Leadership Team Inspires Engagement And Growth

Wherever you find good leadership, you’ll find highly engaged employees. It takes engaged employees to drive growth and company viability into the future.

Use these five strategies to build a team of engaged leaders who lead by example to inspire the rest of your organization:

  1. Drive clarity from top to bottom.

At least once a quarter, tell your employees where you see the company heading and your plan to get there. Share your updated vision and core values to remove confusion and allow employees to see how their efforts impact company goals.

  1. Put the right people in the right seats.

Build your company’s culture with intent. To design a team that embraces and lives your core values daily, hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize personnel according to your core values, beginning with your leadership team.

  1. Run your business on data.

People love to win. Provide leaders and their teams with clear data that shows positive and negative results. Leaders can reward teams that meet or exceed goals and push others to improve because what gets measured gets managed.

  1. Set 90-day goals.

Setting short-term quarterly goals helps teams see traction toward longer-term accomplishments. By breaking up lofty business goals into smaller 90-day chunks – or what we call Rocks at EOS – you’ll show your team a path to victory and how what they do every day can support big wins.

  1. Arrange regular pulse meetings.

At every level of your company, your teams should meet once a week and review their priorities and numbers. Similarly, your leaders need to meet weekly, quarterly, and annually. The relationship between good leadership and employee engagement is direct.

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