Implement the Level 10 Approach to Stop Wasting Time in Meetings

Crappy meetings do more than just waste time and money. They hurt morale and, in some extreme cases, even cause employees to quit. Mark O’Donnell, Visionary at EOS Worldwide, explains how implementing the Level 10 Meeting™ can save you and your team from meeting hell.

As a time management tool, the Level 10 Meeting consists of seven consistent and repeatable sections that help to ensure project priorities are on track, numbers are correct, and people are happy: 

  1. Share Wins (5 mins): Everyone shares a recent personal and professional win.
  2. Review Key Indicator Scorecard (5 mins): The team gets a pulse on the business by reviewing top KPIs.
  3. Review Priorities (5 mins): Everyone reviews their progress on important quarterly goals (at EOS, we call these Rocks).
  4. Provide Team and Customer Updates (5 mins): Discuss changes in everyone’s lives and feedback (good or bad) from customers.
  5. Review Past Meeting To-Dos (5 mins): These are rapid-fire “done” or “not done” answers. Teams should strive for a 90% completion rate each week.
  6. Identify, Discuss, and Solve Issues (60 mins): Address issues in order of priority to get off-track Scorecard items or Rocks back on track or solve any issue in the business.

Recap New To-Dos (5 mins): Ensure each team member is clear on their marching orders for the next week.

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