Why the Key to Solving Burnout Is Creating a Culture of Openness

Despite burnout being rife in the business world, Kelly Knight, EOS Worldwide Integrator™, says it is preventable. She recommends reassessing your team’s capacity, structure, and processes at least annually and focusing on the following three areas:

  1. Open Communication
    Holding regular meetings with team members and encouraging conversations about struggles can help them work through feelings of overwork and stress. Sometimes simply making someone feel valued and appreciated is enough.
  2. Emotional Honesty
    Modeling honesty can help team members feel comfortable admitting to trouble handling a workload or openly talking about burnout. This can help leaders get to the root issue leading to problems.
  3. Reassuring Fears
    When organizations operate in fear-based environments, people come to expect retribution for sharing hard truths. Instead, create a gratitude-based environment that praises people for their honesty and efforts to create a better place to work.

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