S2E18: Gino Wickman and Mike Paton | Gino Wickman and Mike Paton | How to Create and Live Your Best Life: Part 2

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S2E18: Gino Wickman and Mike Paton | Gino Wickman and Mike Paton | How to Create and Live Your Best Life: Part 2

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Gino Wickman, founder of EOS Worldwide, creator of EOS®, and author of the forthcoming book The EOS Life, dives into how he learned to manage human energy, the mental challenges entrepreneurs face, and how he trained himself and others to live the EOS Life®.

Dedicate Yourself to Learning

Gino reflects that the biggest challenge he faced when launching his company was finding perfect EOS Implementers®. He says at first he was hiring anyone, but that proved to be a waste of energy. When he found Mike Paton, he knew he’d found the kind of person he’d been looking for. Gino’s advice: Set your sights high. When you find someone excellent, hold on to them.

Gino acknowledges that his successful career has been shaped profoundly by his mentors and influencers. His mentors have helped him become a better person and leader through relationship and guidance, while his influencers — some of whom he’s never met — have helped create his philosophy of life. 

The best entrepreneurs are avid learners and dedicate themselves to studying other leaders. If you’re not expanding your ways of thinking constantly, you’re going to get stuck in a rut.

The Planned and Unplanned Have a Place in the EOS Life

Key business decisions have come from Gino’s desire to start living his EOS Life. He reflects that while he never intended to sell his business, he always intended to be out of it. Gino’s goal was to leave the Visionary seat in good hands and return to doing what he loved: being an EOS Implementer. 

He accomplished his goal by slowly but surely delegating his tasks. He knew that in order to have the energy to do the work he loved, he had to delegate away the entire company. So, when a company unexpectedly offered to buy his company, Gino knew selling would be a step toward living his EOS Life.

Gino’s experience shows that living your EOS Life involves both planned and unplanned decisions. 

10 Disciplines for Maximizing Human Energy

Gino thinks of people in terms of energy. We can learn to harness, direct, and increase it with the proper systems and practices in place. In fact, that was his reason for creating EOS; it’s a system for managing human energy.

Gino highlights 10 disciplines he lives by that help maximize his energy:

  1. 10-year thinking
  2. Take time off
  3. Know thyself
  4. Be still
  5. Know your 100%
  6. Say no… often
  7. Don’t do $25-an-hour work
  8. Prepare every night
  9. Put everything in one place
  10. Be humble

Gino has noticed that when he adheres to these principles, time slows down, a sense of peace grows, and goals are achieved faster. 

[48:37] “Don’t get overwhelmed by this. Just move the needle. What you’re going to see are literally 60 different things you could do after reading [The EOS Life] to move the needle. Pick one. Take a 10 year outlook, then 10 years from now you’ll be living your ideal life.”

Choose one thing to work on each quarter, then add another one. Give yourself permission to implement new strategies that help you live a more energized life.

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