S1E6: Jere Simpson | Pursue Your Dream Life Now

The EOS Life
The EOS Life
S1E6: Jere Simpson | Pursue Your Dream Life Now

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Jere Simpson, founder of Kitewire Mobility, dives into the importance of unapologetically pursuing your own journey in business and in life. Jere shares how he has achieved his dream life by curating an all-in team, cultivating hyper-efficiency, and following his passions.

Live Your EOS Life® Right Now

Jere is a software guru. He has been providing online services since he started his first “dot com” in 1998. But he noticed in the not-so-distant past that he was starting to feel unmotivated, and that these instances were starting to become days, strung together. An alarm began going off in his head and he knew something had to change.

After meditating on this, Jere decided that his big dream is to live his ideal life right now, while his kids are still young and his health is good. 

He started focusing on working less so he could spend more time with family and has been encouraging his employees to embrace the same work-life balance. 

Hyper-Efficiency Creates Productivity

When Jere began taking Wednesdays off, he noticed that scarcity of time created efficiency in his week. Now, he keeps himself on track by remembering that if he stays productive at work, he can have the reward of weekends and Wednesdays off.

Jere highlights that you can only achieve hyper-efficiency if your team is invested. Your team must be accountable to each other for a common mission. 

Make an Impact

Jere is also passionate about the personal, social, and business benefits of becoming involved in philanthropy. He loves meeting people and learning about their stories, practices, and journeys. 

Part of what makes being an entrepreneur so enjoyable is the opportunity to give back on a regular basis. Homeboy Industries is where Jere dedicates time to mentor individuals, helping them become entrepreneurs.

He has found that knowing what your destination is in life is key to staying focused.

[35:31] “We get jerked into a path that is not really our own, our authentic path, then we wonder why we’re not happy… [Take] stock of your destination and [be] unapologetic about where you want to go with your life and what you want the journey to look like.”

Celebrate the progress of your journey. Spend time working on your business, not just in the business. Most importantly, Jere says don’t wait to demand the best for yourself.

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About Mark O'Donnell

Mark O’Donnell is the Visionary at EOS Worldwide, an entrepreneur, and a Certified EOS Implementer®. He has been involved in start-ups since he started his first business with his brother, Tommy O’Donnell, in 2007. Mark started several other businesses, landing him and his partners on the Inc. 500/5000 list nine times. From there, he pursued his passion for helping other entrepreneurs as a Certified EOS Implementer®. In 2020, he stepped into the EOS Worldwide Visionary role. Mark’s passion is influencing and inspiring human achievement towards a bigger and better future.

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