S1E9: Sandra Eberhard | Be Honest With Yourself

The EOS Life
The EOS Life
S1E9: Sandra Eberhard | Be Honest With Yourself

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Sandra Eberhard, president & CEO of WBEC Metro NY & WBEC Greater DMV, shares how her journey toward living her EOS Life® started with getting a life coach who helped her be honest about what she wanted in life. Sandra has years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit world and speaks to the value of taking your passions seriously.

Change Starts With Self-Knowledge

Sandra is an expert at providing business content to women entrepreneurs, fostering a community for them, and connecting them with opportunities in New York and the DC Metro, Virginia area. This helps not just women, but the local economy.

[4:04] We all know when women do well, everybody does well, and that includes the local economy.”

Sandra has spent a significant portion of her career working in the corporate sector. She recalls going on vacation in Europe and being called onto a shareholder call during it. That’s when she knew she wanted something more from her work.

So, Sandra got a life coach and worked over a few years to identify everything she loved about her past jobs, in the hopes of being able to recognize the perfect one in the future.

However, it wasn’t as easy as making a list and doing a quick Google search. Sandra found that she only started to notice opportunities that would propel her toward her ideal life when she gave herself permission to see them. 

[16:24] “I knew that I was unhappy, I knew that I was not living my best life, but sometimes you say, ‘You’re doing ok, you don’t have a right to complain. Just move forward.’”

You Can Only Grow With Others’ Support

Sandra advises, especially as the world emerges from the pandemic, that if you aren’t happy, then take a look at yourself. Be willing to say that you’re not happy. Lean on others as you start to make a change — Sandra emphasizes that she would not be where she is today without her life coach and many others who supported her journey.

Sandra reflects that because of the pandemic, people are starting to ask themselves what’s important in life:

[19:40] “I think the pandemic has given us an opportunity to review our lives, where we are in our lives, and where other opportunities might exist.” 

Be honest with yourself. That is the first step toward personal and professional growth and will launch you further down the path toward your EOS Life.

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  • WBEC Metro NY & WBEC Greater DMV website

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