S1E19: Healthy Visionary/Integrator Relationships Make Businesses Flourish | Chad Holt and Matthew Strong

Rocket Fuel
Rocket Fuel
S1E19: Healthy Visionary/Integrator Relationships Make Businesses Flourish | Chad Holt and Matthew Strong

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Chad Holt, VP of sales and operations, and Matthew Strong, president of C1S Group, discuss how an Integrator improves business and personal lives. 

Matt describes his experience of being overwhelmed by filling multiple roles, including both the Visionary and Integrator roles, before he hired Chad. They discuss how Chad moved into the Integrator role as he became more familiar with the company. 

They describe the weekly Same Page Meeting™ they have to make sure they are communicating effectively regarding current issues and future plans. They also discuss how important it is for the business owner to provide the space for his leadership team, and especially the Integrator, to come to their own conclusions about problems and even make mistakes sometimes so that they can learn and grow.

Chad and Matt discuss the oppositional challenges that arose when Chad began working at C1S Group in his role as the Integrator and how he approached and resolved those challenges. Chad describes how, rather than trying to learn what the other person already knew, he instead brought his own experience and strength to the relationship, gaining the trust of the person. 

Finally, Matt and Chad give advice to other Visionary/Integrator teams, emphasizing the importance of the relationship between the two people and trusting their instincts when finding the right person. 

“There’s no real way to have a healthy leadership team without a healthy Visionary/Integrator relationship, and then you’re not going to have a healthy organization without a healthy leadership team.” – Chad [36:33] 

“The biggest thing that I know as a Visionary – you gotta learn to trust your instinct, to listen to that inner voice, and if there’s anything that’s contrary or that’s bothering you, you need to listen to that and make sure that you address it because that’s usually where the truth is coming out. And if it’s not a good fit, then you’re going to hear it internally.” – Matt [37:22] 

Listen to this episode of Rocket Fuel to learn how a healthy Visionary/Integrator relationship benefits the two individuals and the company as a whole.


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