Rocket Fuel

with Mark C. Winters

It takes more than one great leader to help a business reach its full potential. It takes two, a Visionary and an Integrator. They’re two vastly different types of leaders; Visionaries generate the big ideas, and Integrators bring everything together to make ideas realities. On their own, these two leaders have potential, but together they form a combination that’s essential for true liftoff. In season two of the Rocket Fuel podcast, host Mark C. Winters is back with new entrepreneurial duos who are using Rocket Fuel to get more out of their businesses, only this time, he’s teaching you the tools and concepts each duo could have used to maximize their potential even faster.

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About the Rocket Fuel Podcast

Every outstanding entrepreneurial business has a common element that launched it to success. 

It has a Visionary who sees the big picture, envisions the future, and lives for challenge and risk. It also has an Integrator™, who works behind the scenes executing the business plan and doing the backbreaking work of making the Visionary’s dreams a reality. 

On their own, these two types of leaders have potential, but together they form an essential relationship that propels their business to new heights – we call that Rocket Fuel™. 

Join real and raw conversations with the world’s top entrepreneurial duos as they talk about their journey to getting more of what they want from their business. Hosted by Mark C. Winters, Visionary and co-author of Rocket Fuel. 

About Mark C. Winters

Mark C. Winters is an Expert EOS Implementer™, co-author of Rocket Fuel alongside Gino Wickman, and the Visionary of Rocket Fuel University™. Since age 28, Mark has started, bought, shut down, or sold 14 different companies. Today, he spends much of his time helping entrepreneurial leadership teams run on EOS®, and has delivered over 800 full-day sessions with companies around the United States. Mark’s talent for introducing the right combination of perspective and process sparks leadership teams to start moving, move faster, or begin moving in the right direction — with clarity. 

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