S1E12: How to Make the Choice with Strength | Kris Thurgood

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S1E12: How to Make the Choice with Strength | Kris Thurgood

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Kris Thurgood, owner and Visionary of My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe, discusses building a business into a community and the power of choice as a leader.

That first choice was to go from working as a teacher to jumping into running a business with her husband. When COVID hit, Kris took the challenge to find creative solutions to her new vision:

[4:15] “First you don’t think you have a choice, but you always have a choice. There are always options. You just have to start thinking differently.” 

She shares how the company grew 600% as she turned her educational background into a resource. However, growth can quickly become chaotic without the right infrastructure. Kris explains how she went from self-implementing early on to committing to the EOS Process®

As a struggling company before the pandemic, Kris’s choice to self-implement to avoid costs left her lost in the learning curve. She points to the way Traction, by Gino Wickman, spoke to her and helped her see the value in the practice. 

Central to Kris’s transformation and early struggle is the idea of letting go of control and focusing on her role as a Visionary. She connects with other entrepreneurs by sharing insights into how she creates opportunities to delegate and recognize her own strengths. 

Contradicting the idea that you’ll lose control, Kris models the importance of taking the journey slowly and finding moments to choose strength over fear. 

Danny Toney, Kris’s EOS Implementer®, highlights this when he talks about the powerful first steps Kris took when she went all in on EOS®. Danny talks about how Kris’s actions are driven by seeing the value of the process and the moments when she had to trust it. 

He points to her commitment and faith as the core of her continued growth. It’s a constant process, but he reassures Visionaries that it’s OK to take your time at each step. 

There are moments when it can be tempting to just race around looking for fires to put out. But Danny shares examples of where taking a step back gave Kris the perspective she needed to find the right people and the right solutions. 

Making these decisions leads to success when they’re based on strength, not worry. Danny points to how Kris embodies that – even as she struggles to face her own fear of finding the right Integrator™. 

Kris shares that her vision centers on the goal of impacting the world and highlights how she embodies that in the way she works with both customers and employees. She creates a business that creates. Keeping a human purpose shines through in her success and the people on her team. 

The world is full of quick fixes for business owners, but Kris encourages taking the time to breathe and develop trust with the right people. It’s a constant cycle of transformation that she carries from her years teaching and getting people to buy into the future. 


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Entrepreneurial leaders thrive under pressure… sometimes until they collapse. When things get intense, people depend on them to come in clutch, both in business and in life. The We Run on EOS podcast honors the moments when entrepreneurs rose to the occasion for their companies through transformational game-changers. Host Pam Kosanke, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, fellow entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports, learned how to use the massive pressures she faced to forge her own personal transformation. Join her conversations with our guests as they celebrate decisions that ultimately helped guide them to greatness. You just might pick up a play or two from them to level up your own entrepreneurial game.

About Pam Kosanke

Pam Kosanke is an award-winning leader, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports. She has deep experience working with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and small businesses and across a variety of industries, including franchising, packaged goods, quick-service restaurants, professional services, sports marketing, and retail. Pam has faced all types of challenges, reached the most aggressive goals, navigated nearly every kind of crisis. Throughout her career, she’s continually proven her ability to lead teams to victory on every stage – as an athlete, marketing professional, and entrepreneur.

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