S1E13: Self-Evaluating Your Self-Implementation Success | Alex Gertsburg

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S1E13: Self-Evaluating Your Self-Implementation Success | Alex Gertsburg

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Alex Gertsburg, CEO of CoverMySix and Visionary for Gertsburg Licata, shares tips for self-implementing and resources that support that community. 

Being an immigrant built the foundation for Alex to become an entrepreneur and embrace his different ideas. He breaks down the early days of starting the business, pointing to the balance between a safe paycheck and unlimited creative freedom. 

Entrepreneurship involves constant learning. Alex walks through the tools and books that introduced him to EOS® and reflects on the thought that as the Visionary grows, so grows the business.

Stress becomes a constant obstacle when running a business. From meditation to rewiring your mindset, Alex’s advice for managing stress builds on the idea of self-evaluation as a key component of self-implementing EOS. Alex emphasizes and reminds the listener that this process never stops. 

Alex describes the driving factors of self-implementing, namely cost savings. Yet even self-implementers need community. That’s what led him to start EOS Self-Implementers Unite!. He highlights the basics and encourages other self-implementers to keep going:

[16:00] “When in doubt, go to the book. It’s well-written and avoids the need to add bells and whistles. If you’re starting out and self-implementing, ask for help and stick to the basics. That’s the best advice I can give.”

Now Alex works with EOS Implementer® Kris Snyder. Kris shares his first experience working with Alex and emphasizes the unique challenges and needs of people going in that direction. 

From 90 Minute Meetings to coming on for annuals, Kris walks through the process of transitioning from self-implementing to working with a human again. But he doesn’t say that self-implementation of EOS is wrong. Instead, he discusses the opportunities and unique support self-implementers receive. “Help first” becomes both a mantra and a core value.

Kris discusses the requirements to effectively self-implement, and Alex models them in his work. They speak to the technologies that make it possible to self-implement. Alex also shares the game-changing moments that gave him the freedom to achieve success.




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About the We Run on EOS™ Podcast

Entrepreneurial leaders thrive under pressure… sometimes until they collapse. When things get intense, people depend on them to come in clutch, both in business and in life. The We Run on EOS podcast honors the moments when entrepreneurs rose to the occasion for their companies through transformational game-changers. Host Pam Kosanke, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, fellow entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports, learned how to use the massive pressures she faced to forge her own personal transformation. Join her conversations with our guests as they celebrate decisions that ultimately helped guide them to greatness. You just might pick up a play or two from them to level up your own entrepreneurial game.

About Pam Kosanke

Pam Kosanke is an award-winning leader, Professional EOS Implementer®, chief revenue officer for EOS Worldwide, entrepreneur, and six-time world-championship athlete across three sports. She has deep experience working with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and small businesses and across a variety of industries, including franchising, packaged goods, quick-service restaurants, professional services, sports marketing, and retail. Pam has faced all types of challenges, reached the most aggressive goals, navigated nearly every kind of crisis. Throughout her career, she’s continually proven her ability to lead teams to victory on every stage – as an athlete, marketing professional, and entrepreneur.

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