The EOS Life®: Gifting The EOS Life to Your Employees

Gifting the EOS Life to your employees

The primary audience for my latest book, The EOS Life, is entrepreneurs. The secondary audience is leadership team members, and the third is the employees in your organization.

The reason the main audience is entrepreneurs is because they typically have more freedom to move the needle and make each of the five points of The EOS Life a reality. After entrepreneurs, leadership team members usually have the second-best level of freedom.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am almost sheepish about saying that implementing The EOS Life will benefit the employees in an organization, because it rarely fully happens. That’s because — unfortunately — employees typically have the least amount of freedom and ability to move the needle.

But then it hit me, “What if …?”

What if your company, which runs on EOS®, helped its employees live The EOS Life (aka their ideal life)?

I don’t like to teach theory, and I’ll be frank … what I’m about to write is theory.

You may know there is not one ounce of theory in EOS. I literally tested the tools and the operating system for thousands of hours with hundreds of companies before I shared it with the world. What I’m about to share with you, I’m sharing with the world for the first time.

Giving Your Employees the Gift of The EOS Life

The theoretical ideal is this: What if you gave your employees the gift of The EOS Life? The opportunity to live their ideal life? 

If you did this, I believe it would greatly increase your retention and attract many great people to your organization — potentially solving your hiring challenges.

As a refresher, the five points of The EOS Life are:

  1. Doing what you love
  2. With people you love
  3. Making a huge difference
  4. Being compensated appropriately
  5. With time for other passions

What if, every quarter, your managers met with each of their direct reports and went through each of the five points of The EOS Life and helped them move the needle a little bit toward doing what they love, with people they love, making a huge difference, getting compensated appropriately, and having time for other passions?

And if the manager did this every quarter, how, in two years, could that employee not be living their ideal life? Or at least, greatly improve their life?

Imagine Attracting and Retaining the Very Best Employees …

Imagine if every employee were living their ideal life, how it could translate into:

  • More profit
  • Better retention
  • The attraction of much better talent
  • A thriving culture
  • Having more fun internally
  • You having a huge competitive advantage

A boy can dream! So please help make this theory a reality. Please become a pioneer of this idea. At a minimum, all I ask is that during your next Clarity Break™, you spend one hour pondering this possibility and its benefits.

And please, share your success stories and have your employees do the same by posting photos, videos, and content of living The EOS Life to favorite social media channels with the hashtag #TheEOSLife.

Let the journey begin …

Stay focused,


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