8 Powerful Questions to Crystallize Your Company Vision

8 QuestionsDon’t ever agree to disagree.

Finding agreement is one of the key obstacles organizations face when trying to get to the next level. It’s not that the leaders don’t have a vision for their company, but that there are several visions that don’t align.

Conflict Creates Unity

It’s often tempting to gloss over conflicts in an organization. You want to foster unity and collaboration, and keep dissention to a minimum. So in an effort to keep the team happy, disagreements don’t really get explored and are only minimally addressed. A bandage is slapped on the issue.

The truth is, to create unity and real collaboration, you need to fully engage in conflict and disagreements. Conflicts are opportunities to truly bring your whole leadership team onto the same page and get full buy-in. When everyone has the opportunity to voice their perspective and understand other perspectives, the real issues at the root of the conflict can be addressed and resolved.

Only then can you have full buy-in and real unity. And only then can your company be in position to start gaining traction.

8 Simple Questions to Get Agreement

Wondering how to make sure everyone on your leadership team agrees with your company vision? The video below walks you through the proven EOS process to help your team clarify and agree on your company vision and priorities. In the video, you’ll learn how to crystallize your company vision with eight key questions to align your leadership team.

These 8 Key Questions will help you learn:

  • How to create a unified and shared vision for your organization.
  • How to define your organization’s core values and core focus.
  • How to align your leadership around a shared 10-year target and marketing strategy.
  • How to make your 10-year target a reality with a 3-year picture, a 1-year plan, and quarterly rocks.
  • How to agree as a team on issues that need to be solved.

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