The First Rule in Strategic Planning Meetings – Speak Now

Speak NowMost of us have probably heard the statement, “Speak now or forever hold your peace” in the context of a marriage ceremony. The directive presumes that wedding participants will have to live with the future consequences of failure to communicate an objection in that brief moment.

The same directive and presumption applies to strategic planning that takes place in business meetings. Companies that use EOS have learned to implement the Meeting Pulse ™, allocating relatively small blocks of time to meet annually, quarterly and weekly to identify and solve issues with decisions that will set the future course of the company – for the next 3 years, year, quarter or week. Meeting participants have to live with the future consequences of failure to communicate an objection or a desirable course of action in those brief moments.

Here’s the point. If you have been granted the privilege and accountability of having a seat in leadership team strategic meetings, use your brief, structured opportunities to contribute input that will positively impact your future.

If you are silent when decisions are crafted, you have no right to raise objections later. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Next Steps:

  • Learn how to keep your team on track with a Weekly and Quarterly Meeting Pulse
  • Run more effective meetings by following a Level 10 meeting agenda


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