Sore Spots

Sore SpotsOn a recent Saturday, my wife Trina and I along with a good friend and client went for a hike deep into the backcountry of the Cascade Mountain range. The hike (climb/scramble) consisted of 9 miles round trip with a total of nearly 2,900′ of ascent. We found yet another absolutely amazing piece of God’s creation.

On the following Wednesday I noticed that I still had Sore Spots in my right leg! I realized that I had been subconsciously favoring my left leg- due to an old knee injury- which led to excessive strain and burden on my stronger leg.

As I was thinking about this, I realized that this often happens in business. Our best employees often have to “fill in” for under-performing employees. They often have the biggest load, which can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction in their role. If we don’t resolve it, we could lose our best employees! This can be avoided with a clear Accountability Chart and GWC.

An Accountability Chart is simply an Organizational Chart on steroids. The 5 or so most important roles or accountabilities of each function is baked right into the Role.

Next we must GWC each role. Once your Accountability Chart is developed we must determine if you have the right people in the right seats. Assuming you have the right people, we can easily measure whether or not they are in the right seat. In order for someone to be in the right seat, to step up, and to ultimately fill the opening we have created, he or she must get it, want it, and have the capacity to do the job. If any of these 3 things do not apply, that individual is in the wrong seat.

  • Get it – They get all of the ins and outs of the position and clearly understand their function
  • Want it – They genuinely want to do the job
  • Capacity – They have the mental, physical, spiritual, time, knowledge and emotional capacity to do the job well

Take the time today to review your Accountability Chart. This will help gain traction and propel us forward toward organizational clarity and eliminate the Sore Spots. Your employees will love you for it!

Stay Focused!

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