Two Nuggets To Increase Business Sales

Nugget #1 – The Sales Department Checkup

I find, in most cases, people are looking for some magic pill or silver bullet when sales are lacking. When the solution, in most cases, simply comes down to the basics. Download the “Sales Department Checkup” and give your sales department a checkup to see “How are you doing?” It wouldn’t hurt to review it in your next sales meeting. Just choose one item to improve upon and then pick another.

Nugget #2 – Your Target Market

Is everyone in your organization laser clear on who your target market is? That’s right, everyone, not just your sales people. Your target market is defined by the demographic, geographic and psychographic of your ideal customer or client.

Additional sales will happen as a result of it. Take time this quarter to remind everyone. It is the power of awareness (like when you buy a new car and realize how many are on the road). Everybody knows someone in your target market.

Take advantage of this low hanging fruit.

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