Assessing Your Team with the People Analyzer™

Does your leadership team get caught up when discussing “people issues”, those discussions about problems with employees that seem to just eat up valuable planning or meeting time without accomplishing anything? While it’s important to discuss these types of issues with your leadership team, business coaches urge team members to use a more constructive way of solving those people issues, as they can really be a drain on the business over time.

Using a tool like the People Analyzer™ (template available at can help make these discussions more productive by giving a clear marker by which to judge if individuals are right for the organization. EOS business coaches show leadership teams how to evaluate their people by rating how fully they exhibit the company’s core values. Individuals are rated on a “+” or “–“ symbol (or a comination of the two), and the ratings are totaled up at the end. While each business should come up with their own “bar” for measuring acceptable employee performance, EOS business coaches recommend a bar with more pluses, than plus-minuses and never a minus for any employee. When you’ve got everyone scoring above the bar, you’ll know you’re creating the company culture you want, with great team chemistry.

Using a tool like the People Analyzer™ and setting a bar isn’t just useful when evaluating employees, but it also helps management teams develop an understanding of what is acceptable and what it not within the organization. When managers have a clear understanding of these expectations, they are best prepared to hold not only themselves, but also their people accountable to the values of the organization.

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