Traction®: Bring on the Action!

When business coaches or EOS Implementers™ talk about gaining traction in the business, they are talking about making the vision for the business a reality. Once leadership teams have solidified their vision, put the right people in the right seats and defined their way of doing business from the ground up, they are prepared to gain Traction.


Creating accountability and discipline and then executing it is one of the biggest weaknesses in any organization. The world is filled with great visions and “million dollar ideas”; however, the majority of these go unrealized by leadership teams and business owners, because they are unable to bring traction to the organization in order to fully develop their ideas. The gap between vision and traction (execution) is huge – and it takes some know-how and focus to make the goals for the business come true.

Leadership teams, business coaches and EOS Implementers know that bringing discipline and accountability into an organization will generally make people a little uncomfortable, and these feelings or the fear of creating discomfort is often what holds organizations back from accomplishing their goals. For leadership teams who want to be successful, however, it’s important to recognize that this short-term discomfort is an important part of growth. Fortunately, EOS Implementers can help train and educate you to achieve Traction, getting you through the discomfort as quickly as possible.

Commit To TRACTION And Make Your Vision A Reality

Having a business with traction requires a full commitment from leadership teams because once they have started on a new path with a laser focus on their goals, there’s no more going back to the old way of doing things. Once the organization develops accountability, discipline and communication (which equals traction), the initial discomfort eventually subsides. This makes it easier to meet goals and accomplish more, helping business owners gain traction on the business.

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