Getting Down to Business: Establishing Rocks for Your Organization

Once leadership teams have reviewed their completed Vision/Traction Organizer™ (V/TO™) and determined the 3 to 7 top goals for the business, it’s time to get down to defining the main priorities for the quarter. Establishing your rocks sometimes involves an intense discussion and debate that ultimately condenses the list of all the things that can be done into the top 3-7 priorities. It may seem like an impossible task when you are first jumping into it, but after a healthy discussion with your team and a clear focus on the overall goals for the business, the right priorities will become crystal clear.

Each established Rockmust have a due date for when the Rock must be completed. For most businesses, EOS Implementers™ recommend setting this datenear the end of the quarter or beginning of the next quarter. It’s important to assign one person who will be accountable for making sure each Rock gets done. Keep in mind that when more than one person is responsible for a Rock, no one is. On the due date, the business will look to the person who has been assigned to the Rock to make sure it has been completed.

After the Rocks have been set for the company and for the leadership team, they are entered onto The Rock Sheet. The Rock Sheet is simply a piece of landscape paper, with the highest priority; team Rocks listed at the top and individual Rocks listed below. This sheet is brought into your weekly meetings where each Rock is reviewed to assure they are on track. This approach keeps everyone focused on completing their Rocks and ultimately, achieving their goals.

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