Appreciating the Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Inside Strategic Coach podcast we shared with you a few weeks back has generated lots of positive feedback and interest within Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach network and the EOS Implementer Community™. Given the way our programs complement one another, we find that very exciting.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset


I’d like to share another recording with you – this time with the tables turned.

In this interview of Dan Sullivan, you’ll begin to better understand Dan’s appreciation for the entrepreneurial mindset, and the great work he does helping entrepreneurs achieve their potential.

You’ll also hear him and Gino Wickman clearly defining for the listeners just how nicely EOS® and Strategic Coach can work together to help entrepreneurs build what they universally want – a “self-managing company.”

Wherever you are on that journey, I truly hope this material brings you closer to getting what you want from your business.

Listen to our interview of Dan Sullivan on SoundCloud or by streaming the audio below:

Next Steps

  • Subscribe to Dan Sullivan’s Inside Strategic Coach podcast on iTunes.
  • Listen to Dan’s October 2017 interview of Gino and me on the Strategic Coach website. 

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