The Discipline of the “Organizational Checkup”

annual leadership checkupAre you in the habit of getting an annual physical? Many of us do this as a preventative measure to stay healthy.

How about within your organization? Does your leadership team periodically assess the strength of your organization? This is a discipline that is often misunderstood or ignored.

Organizational Checkup Benefits

In my observation, strong businesses require leaders who systematically monitor their organizations, usually on an annual basis. The benefits of a check-up include:

  • A fresh look at what’s working and what’s not, with an opportunity to fix issues before they became debilitating.
  • Enabling the leadership team to get on the same page regarding organizational priorities.
  • Building renewed confidence that the organization will continue to gain strength, year after year.

The Organizational Checkup™ validates alignment around the company’s vision and assures that everyone is utilizing the tools that will help build traction.

EOS® clients answer a simple questionnaire prior to beginning the EOS Process™ and then every year thereafter. This annual discipline helps drive the conversations that lead to strong and cohesive organizations.

Real World Company Alignment

I recently completed a 2-Day Annual Planning Session with one of my client leadership teams. They completed the Organizational Checkup during our session. We then narrowed our focus to questions that were universally scored low by each member and/or skewed with a wide gap in their ratings.

This exercise enabled us to pinpoint the parts of their business that needed the most attention.

Their overall score averaged 70 out of 100, which really is not bad when you consider we strive for 80% or stronger. Of the 20 questions, 3 required specific action focused on Core Processes, Quarterly “state of the company” meetings and the need for more measurables throughout the organization. They left with renewed confidence by adding these items to their long-term issues list.

Consider the discipline of an annual check-up for your organization to help ensure a happy and healthy life span!

How strong is your company?

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